Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The end of infanthood

Fitch has been an incredibly "with-it" child. He's always observing us and challenging himself to get to the next level. Tobin has been his main inspiration, and Fitch so loves his big brother!

He's been working on his mobility recently, and this morning put it all together into a Squirmy Crawl that's just adorable.

Mommy's a bit sad, because it's the end of infanthood, but so proud of her little guy!

He's also been a champ with eating and is making signs that he'd like to feed himself.

OK, OK- I'm out of practice at blogging...

Sorry, Apologies, etc.
  1. I have actually sat down and written a few times, had severe technical issues, which erased the entry.
  2. I've tried writing and immediately been distracted by my family.
  3. And, in general have been exausted from it all.

So, we're a bit out of touch. I'll work on backfilling the story.