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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fitch has teeth and gets a Haircut!

Fitch is 9-months now and just as happy as could be. He's got two beautiful pearly whites on the bottom and is sprouting fangs on the top. He also received Mommy's special buzz haircut last weekend.

He and Tobin are best Buddies. On this morning, Fitch was finishing his morning snooze in our bed, Daddy was in the shower, and I went to get something from the laundry. When I came back, I saw this happy sight- the boys playing together on the bed, laughing and having a great time.

He's loving feeding himself, too! I joke with a note of utter seriousness that he'll probably get more to eat when he's feeding himself than now. I have so much distraction at dinner with feeding Fitch, attending to Tobin, and eating my own meal. On the plus side, I am almost back to pre-pregnancy weight. On the minus side, Fitch, like Tobin is mostly made of air, and is only in the lower 10% weight (just like Tobin). With less mass, he's extremely active and cruising quite a bit- will post video soon!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tobin's achievements!

Hi all,

Tobin moved up to pre-kindergarten classes in school a few weeks ago. Although he was really looking forward to moving up, it's been quite an adjustment to move from the older-toddler times to a more academic, disciplined class. He had also languished a bit in the old classroom, so was out of practice at being challenged.

At the open house last night, Nate and I had a chance to talk with his teachers. He is really making progress at coming back around to succeeding in the classroom. His teachers are amazing. At his small group practice, they were writing their letters.
First, they had them trace a letter, then write the letter 3 times next to it.
Then, they had his name and he had to write it all together.
We are so proud of his progress!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The end of infanthood

Fitch has been an incredibly "with-it" child. He's always observing us and challenging himself to get to the next level. Tobin has been his main inspiration, and Fitch so loves his big brother!

He's been working on his mobility recently, and this morning put it all together into a Squirmy Crawl that's just adorable.

Mommy's a bit sad, because it's the end of infanthood, but so proud of her little guy!

He's also been a champ with eating and is making signs that he'd like to feed himself.

OK, OK- I'm out of practice at blogging...

Sorry, Apologies, etc.
  1. I have actually sat down and written a few times, had severe technical issues, which erased the entry.
  2. I've tried writing and immediately been distracted by my family.
  3. And, in general have been exausted from it all.

So, we're a bit out of touch. I'll work on backfilling the story.