Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fitch has teeth and gets a Haircut!

Fitch is 9-months now and just as happy as could be. He's got two beautiful pearly whites on the bottom and is sprouting fangs on the top. He also received Mommy's special buzz haircut last weekend.

He and Tobin are best Buddies. On this morning, Fitch was finishing his morning snooze in our bed, Daddy was in the shower, and I went to get something from the laundry. When I came back, I saw this happy sight- the boys playing together on the bed, laughing and having a great time.

He's loving feeding himself, too! I joke with a note of utter seriousness that he'll probably get more to eat when he's feeding himself than now. I have so much distraction at dinner with feeding Fitch, attending to Tobin, and eating my own meal. On the plus side, I am almost back to pre-pregnancy weight. On the minus side, Fitch, like Tobin is mostly made of air, and is only in the lower 10% weight (just like Tobin). With less mass, he's extremely active and cruising quite a bit- will post video soon!