Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seven months old

Hi all- Time flies so fast! Tobin is already seven months old!! He's a man in motion.. well, baby in motion anyway... He's always working hard to get to the next level- He's speed crawling now, and pulling himself up, so keeping us very busy.

So busy, in fact, that we had our first call to poison control last week. Toby crawled to my beloved dieffenbachia and broke off a cane and popped it in his mouth before I knew what was going on!! It turns out the dieffenbachia is also known as "dumb cane" because it can cause swelling in the mouth that renders the victim unable to speak. We rinsed his mouth and called poison control, but luckly the toxin is more prevalent in the leaves than the stem, so we were ok. Now the plant is out of Tobin's reach- and we're always looking for a good home for it...

It turns out that he was looking for something to chew on due to rapid dental onset- he's cut four teeth in 2 1/2 weeks!! Here's his two pearly white (razors) bottom teeth and his two eyeteeth have just cut through the gums on the top (not visible in this picture:

Here's footage of his improving crawling from two weeks ago:

Sorry, no footage of him crawling now (my old camera can hardly keep up!!).

Our best to you!!