Sunday, October 28, 2007

11 months!

Hi All-

Sorry for the lack of writing. We've reached the winter months, when the colds/flu/sickness come in waves every-other week since September. We've already had the wet cough scourge, the crusty eye disease, thrush, stomach flu, the frighteningly high fevers of Roseola, and the green slug mucus ailment. Did you know that kids get up to 14 colds/flu per year in their first 4 years of life?

We have managed some fun, though. We bought Tobin up to the mountains again for the apple harvest. He found pumpkins too- we were so excited! We rented a tent trailer to try (before we buy). It was great for the heater that kept us cozy at night and that he could have some independent floor time, to play with toys and move around.

He is also walking 5-10 steps now, very controlled. Mommy and Daddy are really very grateful for the reprieve. We were worried that he was going to be an early walker- super mobile without the cognition to understand cause and effect. That would have been so dangerous. Now, he is always wanting to go walking, but wants to hold a hand for stability. So sweet!

We have also started rejoin the social scene- we had a Harvest party at his preschool, Halloween Party at Daddy's work, and today a first Birthday party! Currently, he's fast asleep after the birthday party (why Mommy can get to work!). Speaking of sleeping- most night's he's sleeping all the way through- Yipee! Mommy's finally catching up on sleep, well almost.

We hope to post some Halloween mischief soon, until then: "Bye, bye!!"