Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Because Tobin's birthday fell exactly on Thanksgiving this year, we had his Dino party a little early, on November 17th. He had two friends over: Eli, who is 6 weeks younger than Tobin, and Josh, who is 5 months older! Of course, Eli's parents, Dave and Ginny and Josh's parents, Matt and Katie were in attendance too. Naturally, with three toddlers in motion, we didn't get all the pictures we wanted, but we are lucky because Matt took great pictures- Thanks Matt!

Here is of Tobin's first birthday cake (it's supposed to be a dino egg).
Just like his Daddy, he seemed to prefer savory/salty to sweet. He especially didn't like the sticky frosting on his hands. But the dino-chicken-nuggets were a big hit!

There were toddler sized inflatable dinosaurs, a tyrannosaurus balloon that Daddy taught Tobin WWF dino wrestling, and dino bowling from the Learning center. We padded the glass top of and legs of the coffee table, and turned it into a dinosaur to reduce the sharp corners.

We had a great time playing in the land before time-and no one got hurt!

Tobin had so much fun that he pretty much collapsed with exhaustion near the end of the party, which left Mommy and Daddy time to talk to our guests and clean up (so considerate!). We left the decorations out until his actual birthday, though.