Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rainy Days

It's been raining a lot here! As you know, we are avid mushroomers, and a good rain brings out the mushrooms. Daddy would say, the rain makes the mushrooms fruit. In fact, there is a saying, "When it rains, it spores." (when it rains, it pours- get it?)
Anyway, we were delighted to find this rainsuit in size 18 months! It has kept him dry, warm, and comfortable in the most drenching downpour. We have already used it on our trip to Mendocino and around the yard. (There are some times our little active boy NEEDS to get outside, as long as it's followed by hot soup, I'm ok with that).

Speaking of hot- Tobin's vocabulary is:
  • "hot" applies to food, heater vents, oven, dryer, and a few other things
  • "eyes" (eiz) he will point out your eyes, eyes in a book or newspaper- we are working on nose, mouth, teeth
  • "all done" (ahl duh) when he is finished with mealtime, when something is empty, some times uses it instead of "bye-bye"
  • "Uh-oh!" when he drops things (accidentally or on purpose), when something unexpected happens
  • "hi!", "Dah"- dad, "Light" (ite), "That?" (u-duh?)
  • more that we haven't deciphered/made the connection on yet.