Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tobin's Third Bday

Hi All, We had a great Western Roundup for Tobin's 3rd Birthday. He really couldn't believe that all of his best friends were all one place! We had a friend from preschool, our old neighbors, our new neighbors, and my childhood friends. They ran around for hours of high energy playing. This is Tobin's new (new-to-him) house, which he is very proud of. Note the doorbell- that's a key success factor for younsters. These guys made their own version of how many tubes and boys can squeeze inside.
Then we reorganized with a pull-pinata
(3 year-olds with sticks, not a good combo). I was really happy to find the directions: basically, one cuts a trap door and attaches strings to it. Each child gets a string to pull all at once. I was so excited because instead of the normal somewhat violent pinata tradition, I think it emphasizes and encourages teamwork (call me narrow minded). Everyone got a denim patch bag to fill with Fruity sweet creams (no choking hazard, bonus!).

At dusk, we headed inside and refueled with cupcakes then present time!