Friday, November 17, 2006

Baby Watch

Hi All-

Sorry we haven’t written in a while- I continued working until Monday of this week, and I just didn’t have any energy at the end of the day! I have really enjoyed the last 3 days off and especially the nice noon-time naps!

The last month has gone by well, with baby and me getting bigger and bigger. We have been trying to interact more with children- so the transition between adult life and family isn’t so extreme. To this end, please see the photo of Halloween- Nate was Robin Hood and I was a PeaPod. We oohed and ahhed over all the little munchkins that came to the door and imagined touring the neighborhood with our little one in 3-5 years.

We are finishing everything up and getting ready for the big day. We had our final birthing class on Sunday, which included a tour of the hospital (a little scary). The birthing class was a great experience for us in terms of preparing couples to be partners in the birthing process. Although they recommend you take the class in your 7th month, I was really happy that we took it so late in the game. My body is so big now, that the different laboring positions really made a lot more sense now!! The other member of our team is Deidre, our doula labor coach (, and we had our final pre-birth session tonight. We finalized our birthing plan and she even took a look at our bag to make sure we were packed properly!!

We had a little excitement at our Dr’s visit today. Our first internal exam since the very beginning, and I’m already 3 cm dilated. She offered to “sweep” my membranes, an induction method that separates the amniotic membrane from the cervix. I said no- let the baby choose his own birthday!! She was quite certain, though, that labor is imminent.

So we are right on track with everything! I hope the next time we talk I can send you a picture of our bundle of joy!!

Erika, Nate, and Baby Segraves