Saturday, December 9, 2006

2-week Check-up

Tobin had his 2-week check-up this week. The Dr. is very happy with his progress- he's gaining weight well he's up to 8 lbs and has grown to 21 inches in length. We did not have any vaccinations this visit- Mama says "Thank goodness!"

Little Toby has been upchucking quite often, though, which apparently is
pretty normal as they grow, parts develop at different rates- and the esophageal sphincter tends to be weak. We are watching very closely, though, in case he has pyloric stenosis, which is a extra-strong valve at the bottom of the stomach (as it empties into the small intestines). Our strategy is to feed smaller volumes more frequently, slow him down by taking breaks, and hold him 20 minutes after feeding. So far, so good- we have plenty of diaper changes to show that food is getting through him and Mama is building upper arm strength holding him all day (but really not getting anything done).

Nate's week of blessed paternity leave is over, but he calls frequently during the day. I put him on speakerphone and Tobin's eyes lock on the phone- wondering how Daddy got in there. But he always listens to what Daddy's saying and loves Daddy's silly songs.

Love from here,
Erika, Nate, and Tobin